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I’ve always known that I am a Type A personality. I also had an inkling that I needed a little stress management. Who doesn’t? What I didn’t realize is how bad my stress level actually is or how it’s affecting my body.

As I read through The Stress Management Kit and did the exercises, I began seeing my stress in a whole different way. Some of the issues, primarily perfectionist attitudes and control issues, I knew were problems and have been trying to address. These were no great surprise. However, there are a whole bunch of other triggers such as work environment, workload, and interpersonal relations that I hadn’t even considered. After all, I felt that these things were unchangeable and I just had to cope with them.

The Stress Management Kit is an important tool. We all need to recognize how we are dealing with stress and what we can do to alleviate or manage our issues better. Given the effects upon our body, mind, and relationships this is something we can’t afford to ignore or deal with when we have some time.

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* Stress at work

I recently got promoted at work and went from being a confident person into feeling stressed, unable to cope with deadlines, and suffering from what seemed like stage fright when I had to give weekly presentations. I found the Stress Management Kit helped me enormously to overcome my fears. Thank you Alix Needham for putting together such an effective formula.

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