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*I’ve struggled for a long time with public speaking but I couldn’t figure out what the issue was. I knew it was something deeper in my subconscious than just the skill of public speaking. There were certain instances when I felt comfortable speaking and times when I didn’t. My desire to heal this issue was greater than any fear of the unknown hypnotherapy process.

I wanted to address the root cause, so I searched online for a hypnotherapist and came across Alix’s website. I instantly knew she was who I was supposed to work with, even though we lived in different countries with an 11- hour time difference.
I immediately reached out by email to see if Alix could meet with me for online hypnotherapy sessions. Working with her online was just like being in the same room. The combination of her confidentiality, trustworthiness and skill, led to the identification of underlying issues around fear of authority.

I was able to relax to the point where Alix uncovered negative core beliefs that drove my behaviors and perception of power, particularly in public speaking situations. I now own my power in speaking situations and have accepted a new position of authority in my career.

Highly recommended!
Jen (United States)


* I had been plagued with fear of almost everything for most of my life. Phobias about spiders, cleaning, you name it i had it. I sought help when it began to affect the way I lived my life and my children. Thankfully Alix was able to help and after only a few sessions I felt like a weight had been lifted.

* My phobia was boats. I couldn’t go near a boat without feeling sick, faint – it was awful. One session with Alix sorted it. I love them now.
Thank you Alix.

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