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* Alix has quite simply got my life back into focus. Work stress caused me to start getting terrible panic attacks that were frightening to say the least. Alix has helped me in so many ways and thankfully the panic attacks are a thing of the past.

* I went to see Alix after my divorce after 30 years of marriage. We had to sell the family home and I found myself alone and financially insecure. My children had left home and so I also found myself alone and without purpose.

With Alix’s help I got emotionally stronger, and able to overcome the bitterness and resentment. My husband left me for a young woman. Today I have a job I enjoy, after enrolling in a 2 year course. A lovely home and enjoying life more than ever before. I would urge people to seek professional help as I am sure without Alix’s help I would not have achieved all that I have.

* A very helpful and objective session with Alix , which she supplemented with an excellent book to assist me in dealing with my
lifelong problems due to low self esteem.

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