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Coping with divorce

“I guess we both knew our marriage was over, but it was the kids that was the heart wrenching element. We would be OK, but they couldn’t understand it and that made it ten times harder.” Coping with divorce can…

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Finding The Ideal Partner

Finding your ideal partner

Finding a loving relationship is something that most of us long for. The problem is that for many single people it has become a difficult adventure due to various underlying factors particularly in an individual's psychological make up that hinders…

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Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are becoming increasingly popular. This may well be for a variety of reasons whether this relates to work, educational or simply due to the prevalence of social media and the ability to converse with individuals in different…

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The stages of a relationship

As human beings there is no doubt that we crave relationships, being intimately involved with another individual, is often considered to be essential to our well being. In terms of relationships themselves, it is widely recognised that any form of…

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