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Mature Man Wincing With A Headache

Manage your Anger

Anger management has become an increasingly important form of therapy. Displays of anger have become far more prevalent in recent years as testified by media articles and video showing individuals in angry displays such as road rage. The problem causing…

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Shyness Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer with shyness?

Shyness, which is often termed social anxiety is a painful problem for many people. Being shy or anxious around others interferes with an individuals ability to enjoy social and work related interactions because a shy person lacks the confidence to join in with conversations, or feels…

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Burnout is a term popularised in the 1980's in which high-flying executives would suffer burnout from overwork, stress and various other issues. It has become an increasingly common health issue in recent years and has been exacerbated with the financial meltdown. The recession…

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Perfectionist Hypnotherapy

Overcome perfectonism

Perfectionism by its very nature can cause significant problems for an individual. The feeling of never quite having completed a task to their satisfaction can leave them with an overwhelming sense of disappointment as well as other negative emotions. Perfectionism…

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