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Man With A Boarding Pass

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is one of the most common phobias and for many can have the most profound effects. With the advent of air travel and the increasing number of destinations and affordable holiday packages, flying has become an almost…

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Exam Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is caused by fear and worry about passing exams. For many young people it is something that rears its head when approaching their final year at school, college or university, as their future career path depends on getting…

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Wealth Hypnotherapy

Unblocking wealth potential

Numerous articles abound about unblocking your wealth potential, which highlight the fact that many people have psychological blocks to achieving financial success. These blocks are usually deep rooted and as such can express themselves as feelings of unworthiness, fear of…

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Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is often experienced by people who regularly appear on stage, TV or film. It is a condition whereby, as the term implies, the individual feels overwhelming anxiety prior to and during performances or when they are required to…

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