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Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis is often the final step for people who have been battling with their weight for a long time. The issue of trying to lose weight – and failing over and over again – is something which affects many of us and one which can be incredibly distressing. You may have read every diet book, signed up to more programmes than you care to remember, but still the weight just will not budge.

Weight loss often requires a change in attitude, which can be difficult to achieve on your own. It’s a fact that hypnotherapy has been shown by numerous studies to be very effective at helping people lose weight. It does this by firstly, getting to the root cause of their eating problems. Secondly, by resolving their emotional relationship with food and thirdly, by improving their motivation to lose weight.

Would you benefit from weight loss hypnosis?

  • Are you frustrated that you can’t lose weight?
  • Does being overweight impact on your energy levels?
  • Finding it hard to say no to extra helpings?
  • Hiding the amount  you eat from those closest to you?
  • Wanting to take up fitness training but keep putting it off ?

The solution is Weight Loss Hypnosis and London Hypnotherapist Alix Needham can help.

Weight loss hypnosis will help you:

  • Greater understanding of your relationship with food
  • Enjoying looking in the mirror and being proud of your new shape.
  • Feeling lighter and more energised to do the things you enjoy
  • Ability to eat regularly and healthily and end the dieting cycle
  • Feeling confident and happier as you gain control of your life

Your Next Steps

Alix is a very experienced London hypnotherapist with 25 years experience helping clients achieve their weight loss goals. She has developed a unique blend of hypnotherapeutic techniques using Hypnosis, NLP and EFT to find the root cause of your eating problems. Using hypnotherapy she helps to bring about weight loss and permanently break old negative habits in a very short period of time.

Read a case study about the best way to lose weight or Case Study: Weight Loss Online.

Testimonial about my weight loss help

* I went to see Alix Needham having tried and failed numerous diets. She helped me get to the root of the issues, increasing my confidence and willpower. I learnt how to change my habits and introduce new behaviours with pleasing results I have lost over a stone in weight and now have maintained a balanced lifestyle with her caring guidance.

Katie Pritchard

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