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Confessions Of An Alcoholic

Confessions of an alcoholic

When I Drank

  1. I would spend a lot of money
  2. I would get carried away and my judgement would fail me
  3. I would do foolish things
  4. I would directly affect my physical well being by drinking alcohol
  5. I would waste that time
  6. I would not deal with what was making me unhappy
  7. I would not deal with my failing marriage
  8. I would be tired
  9. I would remain numb
  10. I would work badly
  11. I would take time off work
  12. I would miss opportunities to really advance my career
  13. I would damage my professional reputation
  14. I would be unreliable
  15. I would be dishonest
  16. I would treat people close to me badly
  17. I would fail to do the best for the people who relied on me
  18. I wouldn’t think clearly
  19. I would fail to understand myself and the world around me
  20. I would get paranoid
  21. I would get very depressed in the mornings after drinking and want to cry
  22. I would be emotionally volatile
  23. I would think in mind numbing loops
  24. Situations started to arise which would increasingly lead to people – including my children – being badly hurt
  25. My view of myself and of the world never changed – I would get stuck
  26. I would exercise less
  27. I would eat badly
  28. I would undermine my ability to commit to anything
  29. I wouldn’t stop because I thought I would get bored
  30. I wouldn’t stop because reality was painful
  31. I wouldn’t stop because I thought people would think I was dull
  32. I wouldn’t stop because I was a functional alcoholic: I could do enough to convince myself I didn’t have a problem – but slowly over time everything, in fact, slowly turned to shit, because more often than not, I drank
  33. I drank maybe just a glass or two one day, then a bottle another day, then massive binges the next day, but most days, just enough to self medicate most of the time
  34. And I would get carried away and not come home because home had turned to shit
  35. And my children would see that most days I drank
  36. And it worried them – it slowly but surely had a hand in shaping their personalities
  37. And no-one could tell me. When anyone told me, I ignored them.
  38. It was only with that car crash, did I realise that I had slowly drifted through an alcoholic, self-medicating haze, toward this point, was by now repeatedly damaging people, my marriage, myself and my career, and that I decided I was ready to stop and I had to stop.
  39. It’s early days but already I feel healthier, more optimistic, have more energy, I’m thinking with enthusiasm and inventiveness, I feel more honest, I feel less depressed, I’m feeling less scared and uncertain, I’m feeling more in charge, more responsible for my children, and I’m not sneaking around anymore.


I know what I have to deal with. And I know what I have to do.

Alix Needham

My techniques guarantee that you remain in control at every session. These techniques, developed over 25 years, are so effective that many issues can be addressed in as little as three sessions and my location in the very heart of London means you can book sessions to work around work.

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